Elektro-WUR (or DWUR v3…)

Finally I’m running a Digital WUR (reliably) on my 911 ! For those wondering what a WUR is, take a look here and here.

Thanks to good friend Steve at Reanimotion, I was able to get hold of a prototype measuring block for his new Franken-CIS system. Basically, the idea (not new) is to use a pulsed injector (using a PWM signal) to define the control pressure on a CIS /K-Jetronic system. I used an injector from an Impreza, as it has to be a side feed injector with a reasonable debit rate.


From there, you can make things more complex if you want, or as simple as possible, as I did. That was my intended approach, as my 74′ 911 has one of the earliest (thus simpler) implementation of the once extremely popular Bosch CIS system.

So I proposed Steve to prototype a bare-bones approach, using a very simple controller to read the engine temperature upon startup, and from there, select a starting control pressure. Afterwards, for a maximum of 4-5min the pressure progressively rises until it reaches the desired warm control pressure.

The controller itself uses a PICAXE 18M2 MCU, with one of Revolution Education own starter kits, the CHI030. Really simple…





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Audio Nirvana

A few months ago I rediscovered music and hi-fi…

Fed on an MP3 diet for the last 10 years, it took a friend’s offer of his old, but sophisticated, Technics SL-QL1 turntable to awake me to the greater dynamic (and expanse-ness) provided by a good quality analog recording versus lossy MP3’s. Although sometimes you get some extra background noise…


Since then, I’ve done a few additional minor investments: a used Dual 1219 turntable from the early 70’s


Some modern AKG K550 headphones…


and finally fetching my old Celestion DL6 loudpseakers from the cellar to replace my Bose satellites.


However, something was missing and nagging me for some time – an easy to use (and cheap !) way to listen to the many sound files I’ve been accumulating. On top of that, I wanted to be able to hear high definition audio, up to 192Khz/24bits. Now, audio / media servers are everywhere today and for all kinds of pockets. However, most of them still seem too expensive for what they usually are: a slowish / cheapish PC loaded with some proprietary software of differing usefulness.

I could do better. Started searching for a used small form factor (SFF) machine, of the kind mostly used in business environments as a thin client, and quickly zeroed on a Dell Optiplex 160. Outstanding build quality, smart looks, Atom powered and HD audio on board. On Ebay, I bought one for 45GBP, with 1Gb of Ram, but no disk.
I added an unused 500Gb disk that i had lying around, and installed a trusty copy of XP Professional.


Now for audio duties. For media playing and streaming, i’m using the free MusicBee. Plays everything, is upgradable and infinitely configurable.


And finally how to access and control my new toy ? Enter old VNC – a widely used, free suit of server and clients apps that allow you to remotely control any PC, from anywhere in the world. And now, you can do it (for free) through any Ipad, Iphone or Android device. Media remote control doesn’t come any more ubiquitous or easy.


Bye now… I got some listening to do.



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Mockup mode

For my EFI/ITB setup, I got almost everything in place. The biggest still missing is the linkage design between left and right banks, and throttle, of course. I made a quick mockup of the whole assembly (on a washing machine top), to study possible options.


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Measuring Lambda

As part of my EFI/ITB project, there’s a need for measuring the Air/Fuel ratio (AFR or Lambda), for setup and tuning purposes. Without it you will always be guessing…
The cheapest reliable option was to buy an SLC Free kit from 14point7. The assembly instructions were simple and clear and it worked at the first try. Then it was just a matter of hooking it up to a Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor bought from Ebay.
Here is the setup in all its glory, convenientely protected inside an electric shaver storage box…


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Looking good.


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Still tuning…

Meanwhile, my active aero RC car is still undergoing parameter tuning. The wings are still not behaving completely ok, so no video yet…


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DIY EFI/ITB… How exactly ? – Pt. 5 – ECU setup software

I got a bit ahead (and jumped a couple of chapters), but I’m putting the finishing touches in the software, that will run in a laptop, and connect to the ECU for setup and tuning. Here’s a couple of the screens.



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