Sempersonus Te1 v2

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Sempersonus TE1

My original design for a turntable is taking off. Small scale production is probably coming…


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Heavy-duty TV floor stand

Repurposing my old Loewe Mimo TV stand…




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Heavy duty milk frother


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Twincam by Zeitgeräte !

My commercially available watch winder, from my own company – Zeitgeräte !


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Progress !

Finally my Efi/Itb install is underway…


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Das FrankenTrike

Some time ago I had the idea to build an electric car (EV…)  for my kids to ride. Something simple, but that would allow them to go faster than the typical electric toys that you can buy at Toys-R-US…

That was 18 months ago, and due to other “higher-priority” projects, only now this has reached fruition.


In the meantime, to simplify it, I changed from a car to a trike as the steering became a lot simpler. I reused most of the frame from a pedal-trike, but turned upside down.

Power comes from a 14.4V portable drill spinning directly one of the rear wheels. The throttle is a re-purposed bike brake lever and notice the “range-extender” extra battery velcroed to the back.

DSC_8857DSC_8856Missing still is a forward/reverse lever, as pulling/pushing a button on the back of the car requires some contortions. A cardboard body is in the works, too, but that’s the kids job, they have to do something, right ?

As for brakes… who needs them ?




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